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PAPAPAY is the trusted online platform of GST (Gift, Shop & Trade) all kind of household of electronics, electrical, home appliances, men-women-kids and grocery delivery partner for businesses and organizations large and small. We serve corporate offices, retail locations, professional services firms, medical/dental practices, small businesses, need based services, and much more! PAPAPAY clients typically have staff and customers who value healthy, organic, inorganic, and fresh choices that they may not find anywhere else.
We know how inconvenient it can be when your business has to do without because your order showed up and something essential was missing because it was out of stock! That's why we take-care such care with handling substitutions or carry forward your shopping in the consecutive month. Your PAPAPAY will make every attempt to obtain your items, but sometimes they will be unavailable at the store. You first have the option for your PAPAPAY to text or call you while in the store to confirm substitutions. Or if you prefer, your PAPAPAY can instead either skip or get the closest alternative. You'll specific your substitution and contact preferences in your client profile. As your PAPAPAY gets to know your preferences, he or she will be able to make better, custom recommendations for substitutions.
PAPAPAY is a great value. Especially considering administrative overhead, our reasonable service fee is almost certainly less than what it would cost for a staff member or independent contractor to keep your business always fully stocked each week. And with PAPAPAY, you pay the same, best prices as in the store: up to 10-20% less than available online prices, with no hidden markups. PAPAPAY clients are saving hundreds every month as a result.
PAPAPAY provides tools that are tailor-made for business needs. For example, we make it easy to setup recurring shopping lists that will ensure your staple items will always be restocked automatically. We also make the expense reporting process straight forward with downloadable invoices. Finally, our Customer Service team is always ready to provide personalized service by SMS, phone or email if you need any assistance whatsoever.
PAPAPAY serves many business clients who have multiple locations and we make it easier to centrally manage and synchronize ordering across all your locations. If you need service for multiple locations, please contact us!
Great question! First, you get your favorite local stores which typically do not offer delivery: (9 to 9, super markets close to you, and select other local merchants. Second, you get your own dedicated PAPAPAY who serves you each week and gets to know your preferences over time as the trusted product shopping, grocery shopping availing various types of services assistant for your business. Finally, you'll always pay the same, best prices as in the store - and we give you the receipt. No hidden fees, no minimums. We strive to deliver an experience where you can rely on PAPAPAY as your trusted partner for online grocery items, other products and delivery of other valued services.